It cited a survey that showed that 36 percent of Americans age 18 to 29 had at least one tattoo. Some 24 percent of those 18 to 50 had a tattoo, up from about 15 percent in 2003. To no one’s surprise, it found that people who drink, do drugs, shun religion and have criminal records are more likely to have tattoos.. „Chicago guys will do anything can’t debate so change numbers.” And that’s what ignited the firestorm. There was extreme dudgeon on both sides, but even some of the Republican politicos acknowledged that the gathering of those numbers is too complicated for anyone to fiddle with the results.One of the biggest dudgeoners was host Chris Matthews of the MSNBC show „Hardball.” You could tell from the interview that he was unseemingly provoked, quizzing Welch on what experts he had talked to before he wrote his tweet. Welch, bald pate gleaming even shinier than mine, answered equably that he had conferred with no one, confessed to not possessing any evidence to the contrary but that the numbers defied logic.Now let me tell you something about Jack Welch. In the last two months, however, the St. Louis based seed giant is looking more and more like it wants to return to its chemical roots. In early May and again in early June, Monsanto made two very public offers to buy Syngenta, its Swiss rival in the global GM seed ag chem business. Yet some African governments and companies are already showing an interest. In Senegal, the government is urging villagers and businesses to emulate Brazil’s example. In Kaolack, young farmers are planting a local grass whose cellulose can be processed into ethanol. „It takes a lot less tractor power we don’t have to till the land up and labor costs we don’t have to get the labor. Of course, the conservation is a lot better. A lot of organic matter holds the soil in place and you don’t have the runoff.”. Use of silhouettes, which rears its head in her sculpture and video work as well, also puts some of the accountability on the viewer. Looking at the flat silhouettes, viewers tend to automatically categorize the characters as African American or Caucasian. Do I know this character is black or white? asks DiTillio, ruminating about the imprint that stereotypical imagery has left on society consciousness. „Last year, we helped 352 back to school children, and the year before it was 300,” she said. „Our numbers are continually growing.” Beckner said families who meet the requirements and were not participants last year can apply on the designated day. „We are taking applications on Aug. The venue had become the central hub in the burgeoning buying essay punk movement